Hello there, I'm Deja!

A Virginian born and raised. I have passions that stretch from music/dj’ing, dance, video editing, cooking, and of course Yoga!


You’ll find hints of these creative passions in my work.

I beam with joy when I am able to offer unique approaches for self care, I believe it is so paramount in the world we are in now.

Growing up, the best feeling for me was when I was able to help others. From teaching music programs, creating activities to help for those in need; including young women, youth, those with disabilities, and those going through unique challenges.

It is because of these experiences, as well as what I have gone through personally over the years that I feel it is only right to continuously share tools and tips that have helped me in hopes that it can help others. Here in my little corner of the internet space, you will be able to reference my experiences in this journey as well as discover the many ways in which I have incorporated self care in my lifestyle in the hopes that it can help encourage your journey.

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The Journey

A little more about me....


My journey through Yoga has ventured back ever since I was a teenager. From first discovering Yoga through DVD’s and attending classes as i got older, to eventually being so inspired by certain instructors I was around that I began to persue more learning which eventually took me on the path to become a Certified Yoga Instructor with an additional special focus on Curvy Yoga.




Being a Yoga teacher has truly opened my eyes to how much it is necessary to get more connected to our bodies.


As a woman with a little more curves, It was a little jarring to not really see my shape and size in the yoga world. Only in recent years has that view began to shift slightly with more representation, but there is still an elitist perspective with who “looks” to be a yoga teacher verses how what is being offered is best serving Every BODY type no matter their shade or size.


Since starting this yoga journey I have discovered.


  • Increased Flexibility

  • Personal and spirtual growth

  • Clearer thinking and more energy

  • A positive change in my digestive system

  • Better ability to recognize changes in my body, how I feel etc, because of the relationship to my body that has developed

  • Better ways to handle stress

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So how can I help you?

I definitely feel there is still more work to do, which is why I am here. I offer tools that are accessible for every body type. My aim is not to put you in positions that make you feel uncomfortable, but instead help empower you to make movements that best serve you and help you grow!


In everything that I love, the common thread is connecting creativity and wellness with the goal to help others.

I would love to connect with you and be apart of your growth.

If you have any questions, want to share your experiences and/or collaborate on opportunities to serve you or your group feel free to check out my Services and reach out through my Connect page and I look forward to helping you on your journey.


Much love and blessings 💙