Inner Nourishment

My goal with this space is to share organically when it feels right. When I feel inclined to share an important shift taking place, I’ll be sure to express.


Recently, I shared that I have been enjoying a plant-based way of eating as one of many self care tools I am embracing. I’ve taken on this journey for several months now and I’ve noticed a lot of changes along the way.

Homemade breakfast toast: Ezekiel Bread with homemade almond butter, topped with pan fried banana and caramelized blueberries!

Homemade breakfast toast: Ezekiel Bread with homemade almond butter, topped with pan fried banana and caramelized blueberries!

I’m having so much fun creating! And as I am learning to come home in my body, I am able to notice when it craves different needs.

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Making Homemade Granola is another example of simple ingredients made easy. With just coconut oil, maple syrup, assorted nuts and seeds and baking it in the oven, it becomes a  simple, yet delicious and versatile way to incorporate a lot of goodness for the body.


Because I am getting more into homemade meals, more specifically plant-based,  I wanted to share with you all my five personal reasons why I have chosen to embrace this plant-based lifestyle.  


  1. I've gotten out of my food comfort zone by trying different types of vegetables, legumes, seeds, fruits. More than I've ever had which has not only expanded my food pallet but has allowed me to take in so many different vitamins and minerals that I wasn’t doing as much of prior.

  2. I'm rediscovering my love for cooking. I'm enjoying different types of meals and getting creative using different vegetables and sauces and spreads to create and spark really great food ideas.

  3. Environmental Benefits! I know I'm contributing in a positive way for the environment and it feels good to know that simply through my actions, I am making an impact.

  4. I just feel so much better! I feel lighter clear-headed and more inspired. I noticed a difference in my skin as soon as I removed dairy from my diet. And  because I've made a these conscious choices, I feel it has positively influenced how I move in the world.

  5. It’s rewarding! Knowing that without relying on meat and dairy, I've gotten more experimental with seasonings and textures and foods that bring delicious flavors really feels like an accomplishment.


Everyone has a different path on what foods works best for their body. For me and the journey that I have chosen, plant-based meals have really been a life altering experience.  As I continue to learn and grow I can only see myself getting more and more involved with not only how I can get creative with my food but in life overall, and that is truly a nourishing feeling.