Breathing Space - The Podcast

Introducing the Breathing Space Podcast Mini-Series

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I created this Podcast series based on my own personal experiences with my mental wellness journey. I highlight those experiences on my Instagram page and I also wanted to be sure to add my voice in a collective generation that is finally starting to become more open to discussing our experiences. To share real unfiltered thoughts and conversations around Mental Health and bring compassion, awareness, and clarity surrounding the topic.

This show includes collaborations and conversations from inspiring boss women who come from different backgrounds and share the commonality of working in creative industries. They will be sharing their personal journeys, their everyday struggles, and unique revelations.

An opportunity for you to breathe easy, find connections through conversations, and space to feel represented.

Stay connected as this series will span throughout the Fall/Winter 2018.

Click below to begin listening to the episodes from this limited series. Available NOW on the platforms below and on most other Podcast distributors.

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